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We specialize in used electronic products. We offer our customers a fast, safe and easy way to recycle their mobiles, tablets, game consoles, connected objects, cameras, cameras, headphones and MacBooks against payment. Indeed, once reconditioned, we resell the recycled products in our premises to various distribution channels. We have 5 years of experience in the refurbished market with a diverse catalog Such as mobiles, tablets, computer components, smartphones, cameras etc., for which we have extensive knowledge We recycle your device and then reintroduce it into our various distribution channels. So you act with us in the fight for ecology

  • Umsatzsteuer Nr.: FR51903099307
  • SIRET Nr: 90309930700014
  • Steueradresse: Reswap, 87-95 avenue victor hugo, 93300, Aubervilliers, FR

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