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Anzahl der verkauften Geräte: 100

Über die Werkstatt

In 5GAGE we are dedicated to leaving as new mobile terminals so that you can enjoy 100% of the mobile that you like so much at a better price. Our technical team checks the functionality of each device by testing it in more than 32 control points. In this way, we offer you high quality phones with 12 months warranty. You will receive your phone in a box with protectors that includes charger, cable, compatible new headphones and a SIM card extractor.

  • Umsatzsteuer Nr.: 334 3712 20
  • SIRET Nr: 91440300335109278L
  • Adresse: Shenzhen Xinruihe Electronic Technology Co Ltd, C/O CEJR ROOM 501 80COLEMAN STREET, EC2R 5BJ, LONDON, GB